Professor Margot Finn

Professor Margot Finn

Professor of Modern British History


I am an historian of modern Britain, currently researching aspects of the history of the East India Company, c. 1757-1857. A recently completed Leverhulme project, The East India Company at Home explored the material legacies in Britain of the Company Raj. I am currently writing a book on the East India Company and the family, focused both on British Company families and on their understanding and misunderstanding of Indian princely families and lineages.

Key Publications

‘Family Formations: Anglo India and the Familial Proto-State’, in David Feldman and Jon
Lawrence, (eds), Structures and Transformations in Modern British History: Essays for
Gareth Stedman Jones (Cambridge University Press, 2011), pp. 100-117

‘“Frictions” d’empire: les réseaux de circulation des successions et des patrimonies dans la
Bombay coloniale des années 1780’, Annales: Histoire, Sciences Sociales, 65, 5
(septembre-octobre 2010), pp. 1175-1204

‘The Barlow Bastards: Romance Comes Home from the Empire’, in Margot Finn, Michael
Lobban and Jenny Bourne Taylor, (eds), Legitimacy and Illegitimacy in Nineteenth-
Century Law, Literature and History (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2010), pp. 25-47

‘Anglo-Indian Lives in the Later Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century’, Journal for
Eighteenth-Century Studies, 33, 1 (March 2010), pp. 49-65

‘Slaves out of Context: Domestic Slavery and the Anglo-Indian Family, c. 1780-1820’,
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 6th series, 19 (2009), pp. 181-203

‘Colonial Gifts: Family Politics and the Exchange of Goods in British India, c. 1780-1820’,
Modern Asian Studies, 40, 1 (2006), pp. 203-232

Projects and Collaborations

As a Trustee of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, I chair the Research Support Committee and have an attachment to the Asian Department.

Teaching Interests

Indian material culture, in India and Britain; law and empire

Areas of PhD research supervision

British colonial world 18th-19th century